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Children's Hospital Renovations

Children's Hospital Renovations

Create a healing environment for young patients during long term hospitalization as they battle complex medical problems and rare diseases

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About This Project

Liberty Ukraine Foundation is supporting renovations of the pediatric department at Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Centre in Lviv. This hospital provides advanced medical care to children battling complex medical problems and rare diseases which require long term hospitalization or frequent visits.

Since the start of the full-scale war, the hospital has also been accommodating patients temporarily relocated from heavily bombed regions of Ukraine as well as those waiting for a transfer to other European hospitals. This influx has significantly increased the workload of medical personnel and further stressed the building’s structure.

Imagine a child, sick and afraid, entering a hospital that reflects their pain. Cracked walls, outdated construction, and a lack of resources paint a bleak picture of their recovery. Now, imagine that same child walking into a space designed with their needs in mind. Bright colors and a compassionate staff create an environment where healing can truly begin.

Your donation can make that difference.

In renovating the pediatric patient care units, we’re creating a space where sick children can heal, play, and dream again. Together, we can rebuild more than just a hospital. We can rebuild hope.

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