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Power Stations & Generators

Power Stations & Generators

Vital for hospitals, essential services, schools and home during outages, these machines provide warmth, continued communication and uninterrupted medical care

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Power Stations




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About This Project

Russia's relentless attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure have plunged large areas of the country into darkness. Homes, hospitals, schools, and essential services are left vulnerable and crippled. In winter 2022-2023 we witnessed the damage or destruction of over 40% of the power grid in Ukraine.

Power stations and generators may seem like mundane machines, but in the context of Ukraine's reality, they’re much more. This equipment plays a crucial role in day-to-day life and military operations.

Power stations and generators keep communication lines running, allowing Ukrainians to stay connected with loved ones, access vital information, and coordinate relief efforts. They also ensure hospitals can keep medical equipment running.

In harsh winter conditions, Ukrainians face the added threat of freezing temperatures. Generators provide warmth, safety, and a sense of normalcy.

Each power station costs from $600 to $1800. Our team works directly with manufacturers to negotiate the best prices for this equipment, allowing your donation to go further.

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