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20+ People employed in Ukraine 

3000 Thermal Baselayers Sewed

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Children’s Hospitals, Medical Supplies, Rehabilitation (physical & mental)

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Drones & Accessories Delivered 


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Power Stations, Generators, Evacuation Gear & Vehicles

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Ukrainian Club in Austin, TX & Refugees Support 

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Local events, fundraisers and protests. Check our event calendar

General Fund

General Fund

Goal: Until Ukraine is Rebuilt

Total Raised*: $2,700,000+

The funds are used for most critical initiatives and projects. We purchase medical supplies & equipment, evacuation vehicles, fund medical treatments of wounded in Ukraine. Delivering humanitarian aid to the regions most impacted by the war. Supporting local Ukrainian nonprofits with grant and other much needed help.


How much of each $1 donated goes to this project? 100%* Liberty Ukraine Foundation is run by volunteers and staff that gets no salary. The nonprofit has no office or rent. Every dollar donated is going towards our initiatives & projects! *Minus credit card processing fees

St. Nicholas

Support Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine

Goal: $100,000

Raised*: $13,500+

Hospitals in the Western Ukraine have been overwhelmed with children coming for treatments from Eastern Ukraine and regions with ongoing shelling.  We are raising funds to help these hospitals with medical supplies, equipment, and necessary renovation. With our partners we have built a mental health room that was named Texas in St. Nickolas children’s hospital in Lviv, Ukraine. We have provided with Chromebooks to a School of Heroes in Ohmatdyt, children’s hospital in Kyiv where true heroes are able to continue education while they are going through pediatric cancer treatments.


We have more children’s hospitals reaching out for aid and support. With your support we hope to provide with critical aid, medical supplies & equipment for the hospital in need to ensure every child is able to receive a full range of necessary medical care using the best global technologies and protocols.

Quadcopters For Ukraine


Goal: $1,500,000

Raised*: $1,200,000+

drones -banner.png

Evacuation and Surveillance quаdcоptеrs for Ukraine. Our team was able to negotiate the best prices on US and European markets, ensuring each donation is used wisely. Please support this initiative. Ukrainians are in crucial need of these devices. In 2022 we have purchased and delivered over 210 drones and over 400 accessories, from which 27 drones with thermal imaging cameras and 12 Matrice drones.

Made in UA

Made in Ukraine

Goal: $200,000

Raised*: $55,300+

We have launched a production of sewing thermal baselayers in Ukraine. We employed 20 people! So far, we sewed 2,200 sets of warm & high-quality thermal baselayer sets!  Keep in mind, this was achieved with limited power in Ukraine! We are on track to sew 3,000 high-quality thermal baselayer sets! We were able to do so because of your generosity and ongoing support.


Your donations are not only keeping brave Ukrainian defenders warm, but also help people in Ukraine with jobs and support Ukrainian economy. We keep receiving lots of amazing feedback from the front lines about amazing quality of these thermal baselayer sets!


With the success of this project and many more requests from the front lines & civilians we have decided to make this our key project in 2023. We are going to continue sewing thermal baselayers and we will launch Spring and Summer editions to sew rain jackets and combat uniforms. However, this time we are going to sew thermal baselayers and uniform for brave Ukrainian servicewomen!


Currently, Ukrainian servicewomen are dressed in men's uniforms and thermal underwear, but our team has designed & developed models specifically for women! Our goal is to continue making sure brave Ukrainian servicemen & servicewomen are warm & comfortable wearing a high-quality thermal clothing.


Everyone who joins this initiative supports not only brave Ukrainian servicemen & servicewomen, but also the civilians who are employed because of this initiative! This is a double win and we are grateful for your support!

Portable Power Stations and Generators

Power Stations

Goal: $125,000

Raised*: $73,000+


Russian attacks on Ukraine have destroyed over 30% of the power stations in Ukraine. Millions of people including children are currently have no power and heat. We are raising funds to purchase portable power stations & generators. Each run from $700 to $1800. As of today, we have purchased 91+ portable power stations & generators. No power, no heat, that’s the reality for millions of Ukrainians. Children, elderly & ill are suffering the most! Please support this initiative if you can!

UA Community

Austin Ukrainian Community & Refugee Support

Goal: $50,000

Raised*: $27,500

Our team is fully committed to continue working around the clock to focus on our critical mission:


Provide support to those fighting for Ukraine

Provide aid to those suffering in Ukraine

Provide hope to those displaced by war

We are committed to this number one priority - as a community, as a non-profit, and each one as individual. We promise to continue doing everything in our power to support the brave Ukrainian defenders, residents, the first aid workers, the medical facilities treating casualties, and the victims of the war in Ukraine Our work is not possible without your generosity. With your ongoing support, we are able to continue doing our urgent work. Your donations make all of our efforts possible, and we greatly thank you!

We have started a Ukrainian School in Austin, TX that helped to bring our community even closer and help Ukrainian refugees to feel welcomed in the USA. Trinity Episcopal School has been so kind to provide us with the facility free of charge where Ukrainian children meet every Sunday.


In 2022, we had 32 refugee families registered with Liberty Ukraine Foundation from which 22 families are single mothers with children. We had a private donation of $10,000 that were spent on purchasing gift cards from HEB, Costco, Target and Walmart, they were distributed among these families. Then, we received a very generous grant from HEB of 20 gift cards of $500 each that were distributed among these families as well. We are very grateful for the support of local community to help Ukrainian refugees.


We partnered with Rotary District 5870 Central Texas and Verity International to organized a children's camp for Ukrainian refugees and community during the Labor Day weekend in 2022. This helped us to bring the community closer and make sure Ukrainian refugees felt welcomed and part of the community,

*Raised as of 01.01.2023

?! How much of each $1 donated goes to this project? 100%** Liberty Ukraine Foundation is run by volunteers and staff that gets no salary. The nonprofit has no office or rent. Every dollar donated is going towards our initiatives & projects! **Minus credit card processing fees

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