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Made In Ukraine Project

Made In Ukraine Project

Production facility in Lviv employing locals to sew thermal baselayers, adaptive clothing, and neck gaiters for defenders, including designs for female soldiers

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People Employed in Ukraine


Thermal Base Layers


Sets of Adaptive Clothes


Neck Gaiters

About This Project

In late 2022, we started a project in Lviv to sew thermal baselayers for Ukrainian defenders. This project not only helps keep soldiers warm in the cold Ukrainian winter, but also gives citizens who have lost their livelihood a way to make a living. The facility employs 20 people, all of whom have a family member serving in the military.

Expanding from only sewing base layers, we’re now sewing adaptive clothes for wounded defenders and neck gaiters. In addition, we launched a women’s line of thermal baselayers so brave Ukrainian servicewomen can be warm and comfortable. Commonly, servicewomen would have to use men's uniforms and thermal underwear, but our team has designed & developed models specifically for women now.

Because we consolidated the production process, we’re able to sew top-quality thermal baselayers for less than $20 per set.

Your donations keep brave Ukrainian defenders warm, and support the Ukrainian economy by giving people in Ukraine jobs.

Our Reports

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