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Quadcopters & Accessories

A small piece of technology with a big impact, quadcopters are redefining information gathering, delivering supplies, and providing evacuation assistance on the frontlines

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About This Project

On the frontlines of Ukraine, hope takes the form of quadcopters. Sometimes called “birds” or “eyes in the sky,” they’re a tool that saves lives.

Quadcopters are the number one requested item by defenders. These life-saving devices allow safe and efficient operation in situations when every second counts. They’re used for surveillance, delivering medical aid, search and rescue, and more.

Volodymyr, a soldier from the 35th Separate Marine Brigade, speaks from experience:
“Quadcopters are the guardians of our frontlines, weaving through danger to save lives. Their importance cannot be overstated – they're not just tools; they're lifelines.”

Whether you donate $5 or $500+, every contribution brings us closer to delivering another quadcopter to Ukraine. Our team negotiates the best prices across US and European markets for this equipment, to make your donation go as far as it can.

Types of Quadcopters

First-Person View (FPV) Quadcopters

FPV, or “first-person view”, quadcopters provide the operator a unique view, as if they were sitting inside the device itself, similar to a pilot. 


These are frequently used for search and rescue missions. Highly precise and cost-effective, they provide real-time situational awareness and communications without risking human lives. 


The cost of an FPV quadcopter starts at $350 (including the battery and shipping).


We deliver daytime, thermal, and Matrice model quadcopters as well as accessories, like battery packs and spare parts, to Ukraine’s frontlines.


These sophisticated pieces of technology help establish communication networks, deliver medical supplies, and even assist in transporting essential goods to communities cut off by bombing and shelling.


The cost of a daytime quadcopter starts at $1,800, with more advanced models with thermal imaging starting at $4,300.

Our Reports From Frontlines

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