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About Us

Liberty Ukraine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in Austin, TX (EIN: 88-1688760) fundraising for Ukrainian residents, servicemen and women, first-aid workers, medical facilities, and victims of the war in Ukraine.

Join us in providing critical support to those fighting for Ukraine, aid to those suffering in Ukraine, and bringing hope to those displaced by war. Our fundraising efforts cover a wide range of causes, from purchasing life-saving protective gear and evacuation equipment for rescue workers, to providing crucial physical and mental therapy for wounded civilians, servicemen, and children. Your donation can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the ongoing war. Please donate today and help us make a difference.

Donate to Save Lives

The funds are used for humanitarian aid, medical supplies, protective gear, and rehabilitation therapy

Your Support Makes a Difference


Medical Supplies


Power Stations & Generators


Individual Gear


Total Drones


Funds raised as of June 2024

Current Projects & Priorities

Quadcopters & Accessories

Quadcopters & Accessories

Information gathering, delivering supplies, and providing evacuation assistance on the frontlines

Evacuation Vehicles

Evacuation Vehicles

Supply, repair, and parts for emergency vehicles on the frontlines

Power Stations & Generators

Power Stations & Generators

Critical for maintaining power, heat, and communication during periods without electricity

Children's Hospital Renovations

Children's Hospital Renovations

Renovating patient care units for children with rare conditions

Made In Ukraine Project

Made In Ukraine Project

Production facility in Lviv employing locals to sew thermal baselayers for defenders

Hero's Legacy Kids Camp

Hero's Legacy Kids Camp

Therapy camp for children of soldiers who died fighting for Ukraine’s freedom

Join Us in Helping People of Ukraine

Ukraine and its people have suffered devastating losses from the full-scale Russian invasion that began on February 24th, 2022. The Russian military has deliberately targeted residential areas and evacuation routes, and the Ukrainian civilian death toll has been staggering. Tens of thousands of people lost their homes, belongings, and access to basic services - power, water, food, and medical care. In the regions occupied by Russian forces, rape, torture, and mass executions have become a terrible reality. The war that has been smoldering in the East of Ukraine since 2014 and has left Ukrainian Donbas an occupied territory, ruled by ruthless warlords, has now come to every Ukrainian house.

Thousands of structures, including apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, maternity wards, and churches, have been destroyed by Russian aviation and artillery. Multiple small towns have been razed to the ground, and in some large cities, 70% to 95% of buildings have been destroyed. Over 30% of Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged, including roads, power plants, bridges, and telecommunication towers.

The resulting humanitarian catastrophe causes unspeakable suffering to millions of Ukrainians. It also threatens the safety and peace of the world. Widespread hunger looms over African and Asian countries that used to be the primary consumers of Ukrainian wheat and other agricultural exports.

Liberty Ukraine aims to save lives on the frontlines and help Ukrainians stop the war and heal its scars. We fundraise for protective gear, transportation, and life-saving medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals and Ukrainian Defenders. We also fund physical rehabilitation for the injured and therapy for women and children survivors to overcome the traumas of war.


Need Humanitarian Aid


Wounded Children


Displaced People


Children Killed


Civilian Casualties

Join Our Mission

Provide support to those fighting for Ukraine
Provide aid to those suffering in Ukraine
Provide hope to those displaced by war

Tell Congress thatfunding for Ukraine is critical.

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