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20+ People employed in Ukraine 

5500+ Thermal Baselayers Sewed

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Children’s Hospitals, Medical Supplies, Rehabilitation (physical & mental)

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Drones & Accessories, Communication & Electronic Devices 


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Power Stations, Generators, Evacuation Gear & Vehicles


Evacuation vehicles supply, repair, and parts for live-saving missions 

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Camp for children of soldiers who died fighting for Ukraine’s freedom

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General Fund

General Fund

Goal: Until Ukraine is Rebuilt

Total Raised*: $9.1M+

There are so many critical initiatives and projects in Ukraine, and the fund is used for them all. We purchase medical supplies & equipment. We help obtain evacuation vehicles. We fund medical treatment for the wounded. We support local Ukrainian nonprofits with grants and other much needed help. We deliver humanitarian aid to the regions most impacted by the war.


How much of each $1 donated goes to these projects? 100%* Liberty Ukraine Foundation is run by volunteers and staff that get no salary. The nonprofit has no office or rent—we make everything happen with our own time, cars, spare rooms, and passion! Every dollar you donate is going towards our initiatives & projects!

St. Nicholas

Support Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine

Goal: $300,000

Raised*: $100,000+

Where do children from eastern Ukraine and other regions with ongoing shelling going for treatment?  To hospitals in western Ukraine, who are overwhelmed with patients and at risk of bombing themselves!  We are raising funds to help these hospitals with medical supplies, equipment, and necessary renovations. Not all wounds are physical, and with our partners, we have built a mental health room in St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv, Ukraine. Can you imagine being a child with cancer during a war? We have provided Chromebooks to the “School of Heroes” in Ohmatdyt (a children’s hospital in Kyiv) so these brave heroes are able to continue their education while they are undergoing pediatric cancer treatments.


We have more children’s hospitals reaching out for aid and support. With your help. we hope to provide critical aid, medical supplies & equipment to all of them to ensure every child is able to receive a full range of necessary medical care using the best global technologies and protocols.

Quadcopters For Ukraine


Goal: $10,000,000

Raised*: $4,500,000+

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Quadcopters play a significant role in the evacuation of civilians and wounded from war zones.

Traditional methods of evacuation such as ground transport or airlifting can be dangerous and often not feasible due to the risks involved. Quadcopters have the ability to access areas that are inaccessible to ground vehicles and helicopters, making them a valuable asset for rescue and evacuation missions. They deployed quickly and remotely, allowing for rapid response in emergency situations. Quadcopters are also used to provide critical medical support to injured individuals in hard-to-reach areas. Medical supplies, such as first aid kits, blood, and medication, are delivered via drones to those in need, reducing response times and increasing the chances of survival.

Quadcopters equipped with thermal imaging and other sensors to locate injured civilians who may be trapped or in need of medical attention. This technology can enable rescuers to quickly identify and locate individuals who are in need of urgent assistance.

Moreover, Quadcopters help to evacuate citizens from conflict zones by providing an aerial view of the situation on the ground, allowing for better situational awareness and decision-making. They also help to provide critical information about the safety of evacuation routes and identify potential obstacles or hazards. The use of Quadcopters in evacuation operations save lives by providing critical medical support, locating and rescuing injured individuals, and facilitating safe evacuation routes.

We also purchase communication devices and other equipment to ensure safe evacuation. Our team works to negotiate the best prices across US and European markets for this equipment, ensuring each donation stretched as far as it can go. Please support this initiative, Ukrainians are in crucial need of these devices! They save lives to ensure safe evacuation.

Made in UA

Made in Ukraine

Goal: $200,000

Raised*: $110,000+

We have launched a production facility that sews thermal baselayers in Ukraine. This not only helps keep soldiers warm in the cold Ukrainian winter, it gives citizens who have lost their livelihood due to the war a way to make a living! We employ 20 people, and so far, they have sewed 3,200+ sets of warm & high-quality thermal baselayer sets!  Keep in mind, this was achieved with limited power in Ukraine! 


Your donations keep brave Ukrainian defenders warm, and support the Ukrainian economy by giving people in Ukraine jobs. We keep receiving lots of amazing feedback from the front lines about the amazing quality of these thermal baselayer sets. This initiative is a win-win!


With the success of this project and many more requests from both the front lines & civilians, we have decided to make this our key project in 2023. We are going to continue sewing thermal baselayers, and we will expand to include production of rain jackets and combat uniforms for spring and summer editions.


In addition, we are launching something to help our brave Ukrainian servicewomen. Currently, they are forced to dress in men's uniforms and thermal underwear, but our team has designed & developed models specifically for women!


Everyone who joins this initiative is making sure brave Ukrainian servicemen AND servicewomen are warm & comfortable, while also employing civilians! This is a double win and we are grateful for your support!

Portable Power Stations and Generators

Power Stations

Goal: $500,000

Raised*: $290,000+


Join us in providing vital support to the millions of Ukrainians, including children, elderly and ill, who are suffering from the aftermath of Russian attacks that destroyed over 30% of the power stations in Ukraine. The reality is that they have no power or heat, but we have the power to change that.


With your donation, we can purchase portable power stations and generators that will make a real difference. Each unit costs between $700 and $2,800+, and we have already purchased over 110 of them. Your support is critical in providing relief to those who need it most. Please donate now to help bring light and warmth back into their lives.

*Raised as of October 2023

How much of each $1 donated goes to this project? 100%** Liberty Ukraine Foundation is run by volunteers and staff that gets no salary. The nonprofit has no office or rent. Every dollar donated is going towards our initiatives & projects! **Minus credit card processing fees

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