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Feb 24, 2023 • 6pm • Saengerrunde Hall, 1607 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin TX

You Are Invited!

Join Ukrainian community in Austin, TX with Liberty Ukraine for a fundraiser event to support Ukraine. Ukraine and its people have suffered devastating losses from the full-scale Russian invasion that began on February 24th, 2022. Tens of thousands of people lost their homes, belongings, and access to basic services - power, water, food, and medical care. The resulting humanitarian catastrophe causes unspeakable suffering to millions of Ukrainians.



Check-In, Meet & Greet, Cocktail Hour, Silent Auction, Made in Ukraine souvenirs and merchandise sale


Buffet dinner featuring Ukrainian traditional dishes by amazing U-Cuisine


Gala program, featuring special guests from Ukraine and live music


Event  Ends

Family Reunion

Tickets include two drinks & buffet dinner featuring Ukrainian traditional dishes by U-Cuisine.

Dress Code: Business casual, yellow & blue colors are encouraged & vyshyvanka is always a great choice!

All proceeds from this event are to benefit two key projects: Made in Ukraine & Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine.

We look forward seeing you!

Special Guests From Ukraine


Khrystyna Golovko

Lead singer of Prystani, a Ukrainian art rock band, music of explosive silence; authors of the songs “Prystani”, "Drive me around Ukraine", "Talk to me", "Sea of ​​water". 


Solomia Vitvitska

Newscaster, 1+1, volunteer and Ukrainian activist. Organizers of weekly concerts in Ohmadyt, Children’s oncology hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Roman Lobay

Entrepreneur, Activist, Volunteer. 

Head of Ukrainian NGO "Principle of Consciousness". Represents Liberty Ukraine on the ground in Ukraine.

Program Featuring


Olenka Bravo

Will present about Ukrainian Heritage, featuring authentic Ukrainian costumes from Natalka Sturgill’s private collection.

Homestead is an educational Ukrainian-American project that showcases the culture and traditions of Ukraine.


Timur Takhtaganov

Timur is a professional musician, a sincere supporter of Ukraine and a friend of the Ukrainian community.


Oleksandra Pelitu

Oleksandra is a professional singer, nightingale of Ukrainian community in Austin, TX. With her voice, you will percept the depth and perfection of Ukrainian songs.


Wolfgang Bass

Wolfgang Bass is a musician, a devoted and beloved performer of the Ukrainian community.


Sonyashnyk Dance Group

Austin-based, the group performs traditional Ukrainian folk dance with a modern twist.

Silent Auction Highlight

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 6.41.30 PM.png

Keychain made of skin from a downed russian Su-34 "Fullback" strike fighter aircraft

Type: Front-line bomber
Model: Su-34 "Fullback"
Tail number: RF-81251
Call sign: Red-31
Belonging: 277th Bomber Aviation Regiment of russia
Crash location: Borodyanka, Kyiv region

To learn more, click here

Estimated value: $1,500

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 6.41.30 PM.png

Azovstal artwork & bracelet made from Azovstal

24”x30”, acrylic on canvas Azovstal Ukrainian artist Svetlana Fastovets who fled Kyiv because of the war and now living in Austin, TX. 

The bracelet is made from the last pre-war batch of steel manufactured at the legendary Azovstal plant.

Estimated value: $1,500


Modern Chess Set by Ivan Lito

Custom-made, limited-edition chess set, handcrafted by Ivan Lito Design Studio

Estimated value: $2,500

Our Sponsors

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Projects You're Supporting

Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine, Medical Supplies, Rehabilitation (physical & mental).

MacBook Air - 27.png

Made in Ukraine

We are employing 20 people and so far, we sewed 2,200 sets of warm & high-quality thermal base layer sets

One Year of Bravery Gala

February 24th, 2023
6-10 PM

Saengerrunde Hall
1607 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austin, TX 78701


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