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Pediatric Department Renovation Project

📍Lviv, Ukraine

The Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Centre provides advanced medical care to children and adolescents battling complex medical problems and rare diseases. It gives children with once-incurable diseases a chance to live, offering hope to those patients who have been given such diagnoses and are fighting for their lives amidst the challenges of war. Liberty Ukraine Foundation has taken the initiative to renovate the patient care units in the Pediatric Department. Our goal is to create an environment that radiates warmth, healing, and care for the young patients and the devoted staff who serve them.

Our Goal


Additional Funds Needed

1 Patient Care Unit


Sanitary Facilities


Department Lobby


Progress So Far


 Total expenditure to date

5 Patient Care Units Renovated, Including:

Hospital Rooms



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In 2022, more than 3,000 patients with rare conditions were admitted to the pediatric department of the ZUSDMC. Additionally, since the onset of the war, the department has been accommodating children temporarily relocated from regions affected by a humanitarian catastrophe.

With the success of this project and many more requests from both the front lines & civilians, we have decided to make this our key project. We are going to continue sewing thermal baselayers, and we will expand to include production of adaptive clothes for wounded and combat uniforms.In addition, we are launching something to help our brave Ukrainian servicewomen. Currently, they are forced to dress in men's uniforms and thermal underwear, but our team has designed & developed models specifically for women!


Everyone who joins this initiative is making sure brave Ukrainian servicemen AND servicewomen are warm & comfortable, while also employing civilians! This is a double win and we are grateful for your support!

Let's rally together for those who stand on the frontlines, defending their homeland. Your contribution, no matter the size, makes a tangible difference. Help us bolster the Emergency Evacuation Fleet, and let's continue to be a lifeline for those who courageously protect and serve. Click below to make a donation and be a part of this critical mission.



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