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Feb 23, 2023 • 6pm • Saengerrunde Hall, 1607 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin TX

You Are Invited!

This event, hosted by Liberty Ukraine Foundation, marks ten years since russia's invasion of Ukraine and two years of full-scale war. It's a tribute to Ukraine's enduring spirit and resilience in the face of relentless challenges. Your participation will help those affected by the war, offering much-needed support and solidarity. Celebrate the courage of a nation that continues to stand strong against adversity and contribute to their journey toward victory.

Let's unite to honor Ukraine's decade of unwavering resilience! 


Check-In, Meet & Greet, Cocktail Hour, Silent Auction, Made in Ukraine souvenirs and merchandise sale


Gala program, featuring special guests, live music & more!


Event  Ends

Family Reunion

Tickets include a welcome drink & light bites featuring Ukrainian & international cuisine.

Dress Code: Business casual, yellow & blue colors are encouraged & vyshyvanka is always a great choice!

All proceeds from this event are to benefit 3 key projects: Evacuation Vehicles, Hero's Legacy Children's Camp, and Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine.

We look forward to seeing you!

Program Featuring


Mariana Kotenko

Our hostess, Mariana Kotenko - a resonant voice and accomplished presenter - has graced the Ukrainian community with her charisma for over a decade. Talented, and experienced, our dear friend Mariana transforms any gathering into a momentous occasion.


Oleksandr Syedin

Extraordinary Ukrainian pianist and composer, a true gem within the Austin TX Ukrainian Community. Oleksandr has contributed his talents to the National Opera of Ukraine and the Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Prepare to be captivated by the artistry of Oleksandr Sedin's musical brilliance.


Austin Ukrainian Band

Soulful music performance by the Austin TX Ukrainian band. Led by Alexandr Pavlik, an Honored Artist of Ukraine and the visionary behind 'Pavlik Kids Production' Music School and 'Rock Garage' Children's Rock School. Joining him on stage are talented Ukrainian-born, Austin-based musicians: Alex Seydin (keyboard), Volodymyr Plagov (bass), Kamila Bazadze (cello)


Sonyashnyk Dance Group

Discover the captivating Ukrainian Sonyashnyk dance group. Energetic and expressive, they celebrate Ukrainian rich cultural heritage with mesmerizing performances. 


Roman Lobay

Entrepreneur, Activist, Volunteer. 

Head of Ukrainian NGO "Principle of Consciousness". Represents Liberty Ukraine on the ground in Ukraine.


Nataliia Ostashyn

When the invasion began, «Letter to the Ukrainian Soldier» came to life as a heartfelt way to show support and comfort to those fighting for the freedom of Ukraine! Through this project, we want to send messages of encouragement, letting Ukrainian soldiers know that we stand with them, grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

Projects You're Supporting

Copy of IMG_7580.JPG

Camp for children of soldiers who died fighting for Ukraine’s freedom.


Children’s Hospitals in Ukraine, Medical Supplies, Rehabilitation (physical & mental).


Evacuation Vehicles

Purchase, operation, and maintenance of evacuation vehicles at the frontlines

Silent Auction Highlight


Limited Edition Artillery Shell Casing

A symbol of Ukrainian resilience: This artillery shell casing, once part of the russian arsenal, tells a powerful story. Captured by the 95th Air Assault Brigade's Artillery Division in Kamyanka, Kharkiv, these munitions were turned against the invaders in a display of tactical prowess.
Proudly showcasing the brigade's emblem, this 152mm casing is one of only 30 known to exist, making it a unique collector's item. More importantly, it stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Ukrainian defenders.

This piece of history is donated by Oleksandr, a commander of the Artillery Division of the 95th Separate Polesian Air Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Artemivske Brut

Exquisite Collectible: A one-of-a-kind bottle with a rich history, sourced directly from the fortress city of Bakhmut by the valiant 8th Regiment of Ukrainian Special Operations Forces.
This unique piece bears the indomitable spirit of its origin, intricately engraved by the brave defenders themselves. Own a symbol of courage and resilience, a silent auction gem that tells a story of heroism etched in every detail.

Donated by the 8th Regiment of Ukrainian Special Operations Forces

#1 sparkling wine in Ukraine. Made by the traditional Champenoise method, aged in bottles for at least 9 months, this sparkling wine has a delicate taste and delicate floral aroma with light notes of fruit. Made in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, 2017.


Color: White
Product type: Brut
Grape sort: Chardonnay, Riesling, Aligote
Strength: 10,0 - 13,5%
Volume: 0.75 L
Taste: Gentle and elegant. The lasting after-taste is accentuated by tones of white fruit and mineral shades.
Scent: Elegant complex bouquet with a delicate floral aroma, notes of citrus, dried fruit, and light fruit shades.



Tavria Craft Collection

Discover the essence of Ukrainian craftsmanship with this silent auction offering. 

From the renowned Kherson Oblast, produced by Tavria - House of Vintage Cognacs since 1889 -  this exquisite bottle boasts a 30% alcohol content and a generous 0.5 L volume.


Aged for a remarkable 5 years, the fine spirit within is made from the prestigious Rkatsiteli grape variety, delivering a truly unique and sophisticated experience.

Donated by Solomiya Vitvitska, a famous Ukrainian TV presenter, "1+1" channel


Region: Kherson Oblast

Producer: Tavria

Brand: Craft Collection

Alcohol Content: 30%

Volume: 500 ML

Aging: 5 years

Grape Variety: Rkatsiteli

Decade Of Bravery

February 23, 2024
6-10 PM

Saengerrunde Hall
1607 San Jacinto Boulevard
Austin, TX 78701

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